Liberation acupuncture and the road of recovery ahead, Medicinal Roots Magazine

On the eve of the Coronavirus outbreak in the Americas, the Barefoot Acupuncture Movement’s Solidarity Immersion program travelled to Nicaragua, and gathering with a group of community workers and famers, we reflected on the question: How does solidarity show up in your world?


This article is an introduction about our work internationally to help build resilience for local groups like these in Central America to take control of their own healthcare. 



If you want to get involved in our partnerships abroad you can: 

1-Join our webinars designed for clinicians teachers and organizers to learn how to do acupuncture in humanitarian aid settings (link to home page)

2–Donate to our fundraiser for community development and disaster relief in response to Hurricane lota Nicaragua (Link to Nicaragua fundraiser)


Many thanks to HermanXs por Salud, Micelio Finca, Cinco Toucanes Finca, and the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association for making this immersion program a success.


By Ryan Bemis, Executive Director of Barefoot Acupuncture Movement
Cover story  in Medicinal Roots Magazine

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