Qiological Podcast: Michael Max interviews the Barefoot Acupuncture Movement

Acupuncture is a portable medicine. In the 1960’s the barefoot doctors in China took Chinese medicine into the countryside. Over the years acupuncturist’s response to natural disasters has show us that acupuncture can be practiced in makeshift shelters or tents. It also has a place in refugee camps, churches of impoverished communities and rural villages. 


In this conversation acupuncturist and activist Ryan Bemis talks about how acupuncture and liberation theology go together and can help to relieve a lot of suffering. 


Listen in and found out about how Crossroads Acupuncture (DBA Barefoot Acupuncture Movement) is not only helping refugees at the border, but also assisting poor communities to better care for themselves with acupuncture. And training acupuncturists in how to be of service to those in difficult situations.


In this conversation we discuss:

  • How Ryan got in to working with refugees
  • Making acupuncture accessible, the NADA protocol
  • Training locally to treat the community
  • Treating after the El Paso shooting
  • Creating a safe space in a dangerous place
  • What they’re teaching
  • Liberation Theology

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