Doing acupuncture is like “planting a seed of peace”

- Msr. Jose Rene Blanco, Vicar, Catholic Diocese of Juarez, Mexico



We walk in solidarity with communities affected by poverty, war, and injustice offering tools and resources to build resilience.


We accompany community leaders as they take control of their healthcare and learn how to sustain care for their own people.


We help groups develop complementary models of barefoot acupuncture care for behavioral health and primary care, disaster relief, and as a support to sustainable community development.


We teach communities how to use acupuncture as an agent for social and intrapersonal change, both during an immediate crisis and for long-term recovery.

Why Train Community Health Workers In Acupuncture?

50% of the world lacks access to basic healthcare, and depend on local community workers for their healthcare. Barefoot Acupuncture Movement’s proven, step-by step curriculum, and hands-on training puts best practices in the hands of these essential workers. We teach them to offer basic, simple, and safe protocols for the most underserved people in their community.











Barefoot School

We leverage the simplicity, safety, and cost-effectiveness of acupuncture into education and specialized training.

Barefoot Collective

Our global team of Certified Barefoot Trainers mobilizing training, disaster relief, and community engagement.

Barefoot Clinics

Our mobile and community services offering trauma and recovery care and as an adjunct to primary care.



Communities facing poverty and violence face a challenging future as global disparities increase. We start with direct conversations with our students, walking with them to understand their needs, the local context and their local health traditions and systems. Each opportunity allows us to identify social strengths, to build on local capacities, and to support their initiatives to take control of healthcare for their own people.


Our Barefoot Collective can mobilize assistance in the aftermath of disasters, assist with trauma and stress management, and support the local efforts of first responders. We offer safe and evidence-informed clinical services for displaced populations of migrants, refugees, the homeless and the poor. We can also offer care for first responders and aid workers. Our teams can set up a clinic anywhere people can sit.


We show local community health workers how to create safe spaces for people seeking refuge or support for health problems. Our students observe us offering direct care as they apprentice to apply basic acupuncture techniques appropriate for public health settings, and build capacity to operate safely on their own. Advanced students are eligible to enter our Community Acupuncture training program, to become a Barefoot Health Promoter.

Community Development

We offer comprehensive project planning from needs assessment, pilot development, and training designed to meet the needs of each particular, unique community as a complement to existing healthcare options in consideration of local contexts and traditions.

As we take a step back, we guide locals to step forward and guide the creation of infrastructure necessary to sustain a network of local clinics. We partner with micro-lending organizations, community development and solidarity economy groups to help our students find ways to build capital in their towns and neighborhoods using acupuncture.


Through a proven step-by-step curriculum, we teach them simple and adjunctive approaches to address pain, mental health, addictions, and support for chronic illness. They learn how to offer mobile outreach clinics within local shelters, refugee camps, community centers and as part of disaster response. Over the next few years, additional community members will be trained, and all trainees will be offered successive education to expand their skillset. We train local community leaders and doctors to organize and carry out their own training.

Networks of Solidarity

Together with local health groups responding at the grassroots level, we facilitate immersion programs and cultural exchanges as we create networks of solidarity and self-help among the most underserved regions in the world. Through community-engaged research, we are constantly developing a Resource Hub to allow community health workers and partner projects around the world to offer mutual aid. As new leaders emerge, our Barefoot Collective cultivates a more socially diverse acupuncture workforce.

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